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A Guide to Commercial Towing Services

When vehicles get in accidents and are stuck on the road, towing services are normally called in to providing the necessary towing services. These cars have to be removed from the road so that other users can get on with their normal traffic operations. Towing services allow for the faster resumption of normal road conditions, and for speedy investigations of the causes of accidents. If your car was part of the accident; it is imperative that you see to it that the towing company does not damage it further.

There are a few kinds of towing trucks available, depending on their design. Each truck differs in functioning. Boom trucks have an adjustable boom winch for situations where the tow truck is not able to reverse safely up to the damaged vehicle. The purpose of the winch is to pull the vehicle to a safe area for the towing to take place.
Hook and chain tow trucks will have chains looped around the axle o the damaged vehicle, and a boom winch will be used to pull the car to a towable position, before it is pulled away. They are essential for towing vehicles which don’t have wheels or have a steel bumper. They can, however, damage the axles of these cars.

Wheel lift trucks are the evolution of the hook and chain tow trucks. They deploy a yoke to attach to the wheels of the car to be towed, either to the front wheels of front wheel drive cars, or back wheels of the rear drive cars. It does not link to the axles, but to the tires of the car.
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Flatbed tow trucks have flat surfaces installed on their back area, which lowers down or inclines for the vehicle to be towed to be placed on it, before readjusting to an upright position for towing away.
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There is another kind, which is an integrated truck, or a self-loader, that has borrowed features from both the hook and chain, and wheel lift tow trucks. It can be operated from the comfort of the driver’s seat, which makes it fast and usable in rainy weather.

In the event of an accident, it is normally the responsibility of the law enforcement officers who responded to the call that will in turn call in the towing truck’s company. There are a few local government bodies and other institutions that may have their towing trucks. They are required to have trained professionals handling such vehicles and duties, and to maintain them in proper condition.

As part of their service package commercial towing companies provide, they will aid in the cleanup exercise. Should the damage to the car be minimal, they will give rollover and load shift services, to ensure the vehicle is safe for driving.