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A Quick Guide to Prom Dresses

If you wear a prom dress that is in line with your colors, put on the right make up you could shine on a prom night. You should be able to make your dress and figure to look fabulous. If a prom dress is the right one it makes your skin and face to look good. The pattern and dress color will only be influenced by your natural skin color. A prom dress that matches your natural skin tone makes you appear more glowing and vibrant but a wrong choice of color makes you appear pale, sallow and deprived of sleep.

After you get to know your skin tone then it is easy to get the right prom dress color. There are two categories of skin tones which are warm and cool. The warm color tones have undertones that are golden and cool tones have undertones that are silverish, pinkish-blue to their skins.

You can know your skin tone by cleaning off any make up on the skin and holding a gold and silver foil to your face. A face that is glowing and healthy will be seen if the right foil is used but a wrong metal will show a graying pale look. Silver foil is good for cool tones and gold foil good for warm tones.
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Upon deciding if you have a warm or cool color tone then next thing to do is find out the season you are in. A dark, pale white or yellowish-olive is winter complexion that is in the cool tones. This means that you belong to the group of people with dark eyes and black or brown hair. Inverse to some summer complexions there are cool tones which have blue or pink undertones. The people who have these complexions their hair tends to have inverse their skin tones. People with summer complexions are brunettes or natural blondes and have eyes that are light colored. Selecting the best prom dress you should use the skin complexion influence.
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Soft and pale colors are skin tones for people whose prom dresses have the autumn or spring tones. Harsh and contrasting colors of prom dresses should be avoided by light skinned girls. The colors for autumn are spicy and earthy and girls wearing prom dresses should avoid tones which have excess colors and blue tones.

In summary, once the prom is over you need to know how to store your prom dress. The folds in a prom dress should be folded with tissue papers and the dress kept in a strong box. To keep the design of the dress is important if you decide to hang your prom dress.