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Winged Eyeliners and Why They are a Good Idea

Literally the word winged eyeliners gets everyone interested. It is a superb invention by itself . The idea is to boost the appearance of the eyeliners enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the face. It has been present for years and its use has been recognized in almost all areas of the world. There is something utterly intriguing about a winged eyeliner. It stands to represent class, elegance sophistication all which should be adopted by women of present times.

The symmetry of the face should provide the basis on how the procedure should be effected. Individuals that posses an oval shaped face should opt for a bow with an arch whose wing is directed just above their ears. Square shaped faced persons should opt for a bow and a wing that is directed to the middle of the year while a straighter bow and a wing that points to the wing would suit individuals with long faces better. This makes it enabling for everyone to have the treatment bestowed on them for a long time.

How the eyeliners are situated in one’s face has an effect in the outlook that one expects. Depending on whether they are close or separated the design that is used to achieve them will differ. The art also appreciates age with those mature retaining their own style of achieving this magnificent experience. The highlight that you want on your eyes will also dictate how you go about the process. Those with eyeliners that are close to each other are cautioned against over shaping them as it may ruin the symmetry. The most valuable steps to take is to have these procedures undertaken by someone with skill until one is comfortable of their abilities.
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There are procedures that are associated with landing this look. The ceremony is commenced by brushing the brows. Using an appropriate instrument you may embark on the process of shaping it ensuring that you achieve the bow and wing effect. Brushing is essential as it highlights areas that may not be covered by hair allowing you to incorporate color in them. The color that you introduce should not be overwhelming but enhance your look with just enough intensity.
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After achieving the desired look one may engage in shaping to rid themselves of the stray hairs. The act however should be restricted to shaping the eyeliner and not plucking this hairs. The possibility of over shaping should be reduced by paying attention to what one is doing. The application of gel as the final touch has a role in ensuring that the look is retained. The winged eyeliner gives you a double benefit of having a beautiful appearance and giving a slimming look.