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The Beginner’s Guide to Hr

Key Functions of Human Resource Department

Human resource is a department in an organization that performs the functions of human resource management. Human resource is in charge of dealing with the affairs that appertain with the well being of those who work in that particular organization. For those people who are employed under the human resource department must be professionals and also deal issues that are affecting the working staff of that particular organization. They get this profession from studying human resource management in higher learning institutions like colleges and universities. In addition to the papers gotten from the higher institution of learning, you have to have a sense of humanity to be able to became a good human resource manager. A human resource department gets to handle some of the following as their major roles.

Any human resource department in an organization is always plays the role of ensuring that the company follow all the set rules of labor law strictly. Labor laws will vary according to the country or the location of the company. These labor laws are always written down within the constitution of a certain company. These may include the laws that regulate how the business runs, employment regulations and many more. To an employee it is very important since it will determines several factors such as the number of working hours, breaks given from work and also the age at which one is supposed to retire at.

Recriutment and training of employees of any company or organization is also another key function of a human resource department. It is the human resource department that will announce for the open positions and accept the applications from those who want to join the organization. Experience, gender, age, academic qualifications etc are some of the factors that the human resource will use to determine the kind of person fit for that open position. After selecting the people fit for the job, they will conduct the necessary training for them and also orient them into the organization. The rules and regulations, training documents etc are always published by the human resource department as you can read more.

The human resource department will keep all the records of the employees. These include their personal information and those of the close family members who can be contacted in case of emergencies. Records of all the employees will be in their file. It is this department that is in charge of issuing salaries, giving raises and deductions when need arises. For the company records, they will keep records of the employees, all the business transactions and also the expenditure records of the company hence it is very important to have such a department in your organization..