Tradxe Show Preparation: What Kind of Give Away Items Attract Attention?

Exhibiting at trade shows and conventions is a great way to network and pave the way for landing new customers. Along with providing information that attendees can use, it also helps to sweeten the pot with a few give away items. The key is to select items that will not end up in the back of a drawer or be passed on to the kids once the event is over. Here are a few examples of things that can be given away and will help keep the name and the contact information of the exhibitor in front of those potential customers.

Note Pads

As commonplace as it may seem, note pads that sport the company name and contact information remain one of the easiest ways to stay on a potential client’s radar. Even people who rely heavily on electronic communications will still need to jot down a note now and then. With the branded note pad close at hand, it’s easy enough to think of the company whenever a need for their goods or services arise.

Mouse Pads

While tablets are often the rage in the office, there are still plenty of people who use desktop systems at work. That means they need a decent mouse pad to go with the screen and the smaller form factor hard drive. Why not give away mouse pads that have a pleasant scene and happens to include the name, phone number, and web address of the company? When the user needs something the company offers, all it takes is one quick glance at the pad to find the contact information.

Travel Mugs

There is no doubt that Printed travel mugs are always a big hit at trade shows and conventions. Those mugs can be used from the moment they are picked up at the exhibit booth. Once the attendee is back in the office, the right type of mug is ideal for keeping the coffee hot during the morning and will also do just fine for keeping that iced drink cool in the afternoon. Make sure to go with a design that fits neatly into the cup holders found in most vehicles today. That ensures the user has the cup nearby all day long.

Think long and hard about what to give away at a trade show. The right ones provide a chance to develop rapport and eventually earn a new customer.